Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Dubai that every Dubai traveller should visit.

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Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Dubai that every Dubai traveller should visit.

One of the famous quotes by Audrey Hepburn is “ Nothing is impossible. The word itself is ‘I’m possible”. And Dubai seems to have given a real-life meaning to this quote. In Dubai, there is no such thing as impossible.

Dubai is one city in the world where seeing is believing in a literal sense. A city advanced than most of its neighboring cities and countries, Dubai always had a larger than life vision and the grit to follow through it. You can witness the grandest, tallest, highest, fastest – whatever superlative comes to your mind, you will probably find it in Dubai. Apart from its record-breaking streak of attractions, Dubai is also deeply rooted in its culture and preserves its heritage diligently.

Dubai offers a perfect destination for all ages and all types of travelers. The list of things to do in Dubai is exhaustive but what you really need to include on your trip to Dubai are these following tourist attractions.

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains

Burj Khalifa Dubai
Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The iconic landmark of futuristic Dubai – Burj Khalifa is also the tallest building in the world. Standing at 828 meters, Burj Khalifa is the epitome of Dubai’s fervor for being the best at everything. This architectural marvel is a must-visit for all Dubai travelers for its sheer grandeur. Take a selfie with it or zoom up to the observatory deck to view the incredible panoramas of Dubai city skyline, and enjoy the spectacular performance of the dancing Dubai fountain located at the foot of Burj Khalifa on the manmade Burj Lake. The best time to visit is during the evenings when the whole attraction is illuminated and looks absolutely marvelous to view.

Dubai Deserts

Dubai Desert
Dubai Deserts

Dubai can seem overwhelmingly sophisticated. The city is sheathed in glitzy modern architecture. The Dubai deserts on the outskirts of the city let you take a breather from the luxe ambiance of Dubai and appreciate its calmness. The desert expanse also reminds you that this was what Dubai was before it became a global metropolitan.

Dubai’s deserts are wonderful to visit in the mornings when the sun rays are mellow and the sand dunes look peaceful and serene. A hot-air balloon ride during the early morning is a great way to explore the deserts. For those who would like a twist of adventure, the desert landscape proves to be an exciting playground for desert safaris and desert sports. Begin with a dune bashing experience and once you reach the desert, enjoy sandboarding, camel rides, quad biking to name a few. Wind up with traditional Arabian folklore amid Bedouin ambiance with a delectable selection of Arabian cuisine.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame

A recent addition to Dubai’s world-class collection of attractions, Dubai Frame offers its visitors an insight into the contrast worlds of Old Dubai and New Dubai. Located at Zabeel Park, Dubai Frame is the world’s largest picture frame that stands towering over emirate at the height of 150 meters. Due to its strategic location, you can view Old Dubai as well as modern Dubai from this attraction. The architecture is a mix of modern and Islamic designs and is encrusted with intricate designs in gold which gleam in the sun.

Step inside and your journey through Dubai’s past, present, and future through multimedia presentations and photographs showcasing Emirati history. The top beam of the Frame is actually a suspended tunnel which overlooks the scenic vistas of Old and New Dubai. The attraction is an ideal place to get a gist of Dubai’s beautiful views while learning about its bygone era, current existence and future visions.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Dubai Mall

There is no surprise that Dubai is home to one of the world’s largest shopping malls. It is the best mall in Dubai where you can shop from countless brands, luxury labels of apparel, accessories, electronics, and collectibles. Also, it goes beyond retail therapy. Dubai Mall is also home to a fantastic collection of recreational and entertainment venues.

Dubai Mall is home to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, KIdZania, Dubai Ice Rink and VR Park – all of which are some of the popular attractions to visit in Dubai. As the year comes to an end, Dubai Mall beams with excitement and gears up for the holiday and festive season making it the best time to visit Dubai Mall. Dubai Shopping Festival is a very popular event held throughout Dubai for a month, usually around December and January, and Dubai Mall is a treat for shopaholics at this time as it offers a plethora of discounts, offers, and lucky draws.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood
Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Ever wondered what Dubai used to look like before it transformed into a revolutionary city of soaring skyscrapers? Head to Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood where you can witness the traditional lifestyle of Dubai locals before its advent towards avant-gardism. Set along the Dubai Creek, this historic neighborhood stands starkly contrast to the glistening marvels of Dubai city.

The neighborhood has an earthy ambiance and has quaint alleys and traditional wind tower houses that were predominant throughout the 19th century. Some of these houses are now converted into art galleries and quaint Arabian courtyard cafes which are a great place to grab a bite and take a break from the sightseeings. It is an ideal attraction to visit for those who want an insight into the traditional heritage and lifestyle of Dubai’s bygone era.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Motiongate Dubai
Motiongate, Dubai

Yet another feat for Dubai, Dubai Parks and Resorts is the largest integrated leisure theme park ever built in the Middle East. Home to three theme parks, one water park, and a hotel, Dubai Parks and Resorts has become a popular attraction among Dubai holidaymakers within a short span of time.

Open year-round, Dubai Parks and Resorts offers various rides, thrills and entertainment shows based on movies at Motiongate Dubai and Bollywood Parks. This tourist attraction in Dubai is also home to the first-ever LEGO-themed park and waterpark in the Middle East and offers LEGO-themed activities at LEGOLAND Park and LEGOLAND Water park. Dubai Parks and Resorts is a great place for families to enjoy quality fun time with their kids.

Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina

Dhow Cruise, Dubai
Dhow Cruise, Dubai

One of the best ways to wind up after an exciting day of sightseeing in Dubai city is to take a Dhow Cruise dinner experience. The Dhow Cruise is a traditional Arabian wooden boat that sets the ambiance for a perfect evening on board with good food and traditional entertainment. As the evening dawns, cruise down the meandering Dubai Creek to witness the bustling noises of the city ebb away into a shimmering, tranquil spectacle of Dubai city skyline. If you like a luxury experience, then head to Dubai Marina – a brand new chic address portraying New Dubai. A Dhow cruise on Dubai Marina lets you marvel at the breathtaking views of modern Dubai on a 2-hour cruise while relishing some amazing assortment of International and Arabian cuisine.

A visit to Dubai will leave you feeling surreal. It is a city that offers you a level of awe in almost all its attractions. Apart from these seven Dubai tourist attractions which are absolute must-see attractions on a Dubai tour, you will be spoilt with choices with a myriad of things to do in Dubai. And that’s not all, you will come back for more as Dubai never ceases to innovate and would come up with something new year after year to enthrall its visitors. So whenever you plan a holiday, remember that Dubai is always a great idea for memorable vacations.


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