The Best Of Mediterranean Food On A Sailing Holiday

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The Best Of Mediterranean Food On A Sailing Holiday

Are you trying to figure out your holiday destination for this summer? I highly recommend a sailing holiday where you can taste the best of Mediterranean food. If you’re a foodie and love tasting different kinds of cuisines, exploring cultures and waters, then the Greek islands are the perfect choice for you!

The Greek Islands and the mainland have been one of the best and most popular places to visit in Europe and for good reason. Just in July 2019, the number of tourists that visited Greece skyrocketed to 3,826,994 visitors.

Flotilla sailing holidays grew more popular in the last years or so because of how much fun they can be, with flotilla sailing you can discover all the scenery you can starting from the shore to the deep waters. You can enjoy both the sea and land visits on your holiday.



The three beautiful areas of the Greek Islands that we recommend are:

Ionian Islands Guide

The Ionian Islands are one of the most beautiful places with which you can start your trip if you haven’t sailed before, even as a beginner, you’ll be able to sail safely and professionally thanks to its light winds and welcoming waters. You’ll be introduced to a beautiful, relaxing environment with the right amount of humidity, fertile soil, great weather, and friendly locals. Because of these environmental factors, you’ll also be able to taste one of the most delicious cuisines.



All of the food is considered a pricy gem, it’s long been known that the Ionian Island’s cuisine has been influenced by the entire western aura that held power there including the Venetians. So, don’t be surprised by all the flavors and taste buds explosions you’ll get from here.

On your to-do list, you must add “tasting pastrokio” because it’s one of the most precious and delicious dishes here. It’s made of eggplants, tomato sauce, eggs and cheese, a true heaven for your taste buds! If you’re into richer and much-sophisticated tastes, then go ahead and try sofrito which is a garlicky veal dish that’ll leave you begging for more.

Before you leave, don’t miss out on the chance to try their version of feta cheese. It’s known as the “white cheese in brine” and it’s just incredible; they have other types of cheeses that are incredibly tasty, tangy and overall delicious as well.



The locals here prefer tangy, spicy and bold dishes that are full of flavors, which is completely normal because of the influence that their cuisine has undertaken. Sailing holidays will enable you to visit these islands with their Flotilla holidays program so you can enjoy both sea and land.

Taste as much as possible when you’re there. Their olive oil is of top-quality, their bread is very fragrant and flavorful, they have many different wines coming from 20 different grape varieties, and so much more; and for any meat-eater out there, their salami and pork shoulders are a meat lover’s paradise.

Saronic Islands Guide

If you’re looking for a way to escape the busy life and crowded areas of Europe, then the Saronic Islands will welcome you with open arms, located a few feet away from Athens. These beautiful islands are a must for anyone who’s interested in learning about traditions and cultures.

While sailing, you might notice that the wind here is a bit stronger than the Ionian Islands which is completely normal if you’re looking for a way to step-up your sailing experience. Whether you sail by day or by night, the view you’ll be able to enjoy is souvenir worthy because you’ll always be wishing you had another week when visiting this area.

The Saronic Islands are one of the few places that retained and preserved their authentic character even over the years, they still live by their old-age traditions, making it a great place for tourists to encounter and learn about.  Their friendliness doesn’t go unnoticed, which is why they have a wonderful reputation that only keeps boosting their economic situation.



Fresh food exists wherever you step on these Islands; the temptations are strong and you’ll find yourself headed to one of their local shops to shop for some fresh fish, meat, fruits, you name it! They’re also known for their pistachio trees so the fact that they offer wonderfully made traditional sweets is no surprise.

Sporades Islands Guide

If you have a sweet tooth, then don’t leave the Sporades Islands without tasting their almond nougats and marzipans. There are, of course, so many other pastries you’ll have to try in their local shops. Sailing in the clear water of these islands will leave you breathless; prepare for some strong and good winds that will make your sailing adventure irresistible.



If you haven’t had enough of the local food and gems of the last two islands and areas, then you’re in for a new adventure with the Sporades products. These islands are known for their green and luscious environment which harbors top quality flavors.

Just like the cuisine of the Ionian Islands, the Sporades cooking harbors strong flavors of spices and tanginess because of all the seasoning and olive oil involved. If you’re looking for some traditional dishes to try, then their traditional cheese-pie. It is a must because they’re known for their fresh dairy products. I also recommend eating lobster spaghetti, which is famous for its excellent taste and quality here.



Some of the cuisine on these islands consists mainly of seafood and agricultural products, therefore, seafood dishes are very common, famous and worthy of their reputation. Tradition rules these islands so some recipes get transferred from generation to generation and are still using ancient methods of cooking.

If you’re into sweets, then you must try their light spoon sweets that will give you a little bit of freshness and a little bit of sweetness. For a more natural taste, their local thyme honey is a must. In fact, all of the Greek Islands are known for their natural products that are top-quality. Just one other reason to visit!

If these 3 destinations weren’t enough for your adventurous soul then these 7 destinations will do it for you! 

How to enjoy these trips to the maximum?

If you want to enjoy this trip to the fullest, then you’ll need to learn sailing (or travel with someone who does), obtain the right gear, and choose the best time to travel to enjoy the Meltemi winds and season. For this, I’d recommend traveling from late July to late August. You’ll enjoy some quite strong but beautiful winds that will make your sailing experience worth every dime.

These islands are one of the most beautiful places that any traveler can visit and you should certainly add them to your to-do list immediately!

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