Paradise D’ouvea in the South Pacific

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Paradise D’ouvea in the South Pacific

Looking for a South Pacific Island Beach Resort that is situated in an impossibly beautiful place, then look no further than the Hotel Paradis D’Ouvea which is situated on the island of Ouvea in the Loyalty Islands Group in New Caledonia. To get a picture of what a Pacific Ocean paradise is like, just imagine a 30-mile long blue lagoon with only one hotel sitting on a white sand beach, and you have the beach virtually all to yourself.

Beachfront in Fayaoué, Beachfront in Fayaoué,


The four-star Paradis D’Ouvre is the only quality hotel in the Loyalty Islands, which are a group of four islands a short flight away from the Capital of New Caledonia to the north. It has 15 cottages type villas, and ten of them are on the beach, whilst four of the others which have two bedrooms are further back, with only one ‘family’ style cottage is on the beach.

Beachfront Cottages Beachfront Cottages

The accommodation is spacious and perfectly adequately furnished, with large verandahs, but it is important to remember that Ouvea is a remote southwest Pacific Island and so standards cannot be compared to say Europe. Ouvea is very much a place for a South Pacific Honeymoon or a romantic getaway because there really is nothing to do here.


Sea view from cottages Sea view from cottages

You will take long walks along absolutely deserted beaches, and of course, go swimming in just about the most perfect blue-turquoise-azure sea you will ever see in your life. Then there is snorkeling, and reading all the books you never have time to read at home, or just having quality time with the person you most want to have quality time with, whilst pretending you are Robinson Cruso!!

View of cottages View of cottages

October is probably a good time to go, being at the end of the cooler time, and outside the tropical cyclone period.

Remoteness and beauty such as you will find on Ouvea do come at a price and not just the cost of getting here which is expensive anyway. An apparent Pacific Ocean paradise is the ultimate romantic getaway, but you should be aware of some of the following challenges.


The main difficulty anywhere in New Caledonia is in regards to food and drink, and the same holds true at Paradis D’Ouvea. There is no room service, the minibar is barely adequate, and if you are hungry between meals, then it is very difficult to get snacks, or drink outside happy hour.

Spacious bedroom Spacious bedroom

If you were able to get your hands on a member of staff at these times, then they would almost certainly oblige you, but that seems to be difficult.


Whilst one of the joys of a remote Pacific Island like Ouvea is the remoteness of it, this also means there are no shops nearby to supplement your rations, but of course, it is just this remoteness that appeals to some.

Hotel Paradis d’Ouvéa

The restaurant at the Paradis D’Ouvea is good by Pacific beach resort standards, and the food is well prepared and presented, but there are only about four choices of the main course on the dinner menu. As the recommendation would be that you visit The Paradis D’Ouvea as part of an overall tour of the area, then you might stay here for three or four nights, so the lack of choice on the menu won’t be a problem. You can eat at the Gazebo on the beach under the stars for a real romantic dinner.


Relaxing on the terrace Relaxing on the terrace

There is a swimming pool, but with the incredible beach location of the hotel, you won’t be using it much.
Be aware that there is a huge number of Japanese honeymooners here during the week and local French people at the weekends. In fact, the first language of the website is Japanese.


Having said all that, even with the slight drawbacks, if you are looking for an idyllic Pacific Island, Lagoon, endless white sand beach for your getaway, then the Paradis D’Ouvea will more than fit the bill. For more information and picture gallery of  The Hotel, Paradis d’Ouvéa CLICK HERE