20 Best Travel Destinations for 2020

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20 Best Travel Destinations for 2020

Have you begun to start planning out your next vacation yet? If not, then now’s the time to start! The most popular places always fill up quickly, and the longer you wait the more money you’re going to end up paying for your vacation!

That’s why we’ve put this list together. We thought it would be a good idea to identify the 20 best places to travel to in 2020. Some of these places are perennial favourites. Others of them are real up and comers. All of them share one thing in common, though. Each has something exceptional to offer virtually any kind of traveller.

So, get a head start! Start planning out your 2020 vacation right now, and perhaps make it a point to pick one of the 20 places that follow. They’re truly awesome destinations, and you’d love taking a vacation in any one of them…

1. China

There’s too much to see in China than we can list here, but no matter where you go in the country, you’ll find something to capture your imagination. For hotels in Beijing China, CLICK HERE

2. Canberra, Australia

There’s so much to see and do in Australia, and Canberra is an excellent place from which to do most of it! For hotels in Canberra, CLICK HERE

3. New Zealand

It’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and 2020 is just as good a year as any to check it out. For hotels in Auckland, New Zeland, CLICK HERE

4. Kii Peninsula, Japan

Here you can experience many of the cultural landmarks you’ll want to see in Japan without having the compete with large crowds. For hotels in Wakayama, Japan, CLICK HERE

5. Seville, Spain

Those with an artistic flair will fall in love with the gorgeous, winding streets and architecture of Seville. For hotels in Seville, CLICK HERE

6. Georgia

2020 should be a fun year to check out Georgia, as it will be celebrating 100 years of independence from Russia. For hotels in Tbilisi, Georgia, CLICK HERE

7. Antwerp, Belgium

There’s an incredible eclecticism to Antwerp, with a skyline that mixes ultra-modern with baroque classics. For hotels in Antwerp, CLICK HERE

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

The city of New Orleans will be turning 300 years old in 2020… We think you know what that means! For hotels in New Orleans, CLICK HERE

9. Chile

Those who are looking to mix an incredible culinary adventure with one that mixes plenty of hiking and beautiful landscapes, Chile will deliver. For hotels in Santiago, Chile, CLICK HERE

10. Arizona

Not only are there so many incredible things to see and do in Arizona, it’s also one of the cheapest places to visit. For hotels in Phoenix, Arizona, CLICK HERE

11. South Africa

A trip to Cape Town is the closest that anyone can come to stepping onto the “edge” of the planet. For hotels in Cape Town, South Africa, CLICK HERE

12. South Korea

While tensions may be running hot on the Korean peninsula, that doesn’t make this country any less worth your time to explore. For hotels in Seoul, South Korea, CLICK HERE

13. Aeolian Islands, Italy

By the day, these amazing islands are getting more popular with tourists. Look for them to really start booming in 2020, which is why you want to check them out this year. For hotels on the Aeolian Islands, CLICK HERE

14. Malta

Not only does this island have plenty to offer the curious traveller, but it’s also a place that gets 300 days of sunshine per year. For hotels on Malta, CLICK HERE

15. Oslo, Norway

With the King and Queen of Norway celebrating their 50th year of marriage, there will be plenty of activities to check out here. For hotels in Oslo, CLICK HERE

16. Detroit, Michigan

Rumours of this city’s early demise were greatly exaggerated! Just ask anyone who’s had the chance to visit over the past year… For hotels in Detroit, CLICK HERE

17. Portugal

Foodies, in particular, will relish the opportunity to travel to Portugal and particular to Lisbon where the food culture has evolved significantly in recent years. For hotels in Lisbon, Portugal, CLICK HERE

18. Hamburg, Germany

Those who are looking to experience European nightlife will find that Hamburg – somewhat surprisingly – has one of the best!  For hotels in Hamburg, CLICK HERE

19. Mauritius

It’s getting easier than ever before to reach this gorgeous island, which is why 2020 should be the year you check it out. For hotels on Mauritius, CLICK HERE

20. Alaska

When you really want to get outside of your comfort zone when it comes to travel, a trip to Alaska is always a solid choice. For hotels in Anchorage, Alaska, CLICK HERE

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